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    During Primitive creation, resizing the height of primitives now correctly sets the height to match precisely the mouse pointer location on the screen, to the height of the crosshairs at the top of the primitive creation object.

    It makes the height portion of primitive creation more controllable and a more expected behavior.

    No more mouse pointer going outside the application window while the primitive height is not scaled as large.

    Button text has been resized and the font changed to make it easier to see and read.



    Cylinder primitives can now have their mesh density changed by using the scroll button over the Primitive button.

    8 faceted side being the minimum, there is no maximum.















    This is to give the user more control of the vertex count of cylinders, while still obtaining the desired smooth look.

    The density needs to be set on the active Cylinder Primitive button before starting cylinder creation.

    It can be changed between each cylinder creation.



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