Castle Creator© is a new product, currently in development, that allows you to design and build your own fantasy castles!


You can build your castle designs using the many dynamic primitive shape tools to create blocks, arches, wedges, arched doors, roof panels and (new) gabled roof corners, pyramids and cylinders.


In addition, there is a library of more complex models like spiral staircases that can be used to construct your castle. You can also add your own models of .obj format to the “Models” directory and they will be made available the next time the application is launched!

Add your own textures! All standard graphics formats are supported for surface textures, and can be easily added to the application by simply copying them into the “Textures” folder, and they will be made available the next time the application is launched!


Terrain generation tool that allow the user the ability to generate random terrain maps, modify those maps, and save/load as RAW data format.


While there is still much I have to determine about how I want some aspects of this feature to behave; the foundation for Terrain generation and editing is complete.

Currently the maps are 256×256 vertices, and are streched across 2048×2048 units, as this seems to create the most visually appealing maps.

I am considering adding the ability to change the map sizes and the density of the mesh.

Any feedback in the forums will only help me create a tool that meets all of your needs.

The RAW data output can be used in other applications like UNITY.


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